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This is some of the most amazing stuff I’ve encounted in a very long time. I have taken the time to learn about my own design, also looked at friends and family too. It is so accurate that I am amazed. I discovered I am a manifesting generator with a 2/4 profile, emotionally defined…maybe a bit OVER emotionally defined. This information goes beyond astrology and reaches into genetics and our unique  individual designs.

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or email me if you want to find out more about yourself. I’ve become an avid student and love to discuss this.


This is circulating in my world right now and after watching it I wanted to reach out to the “children” in my life and the other 95 million just like them and say USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD!!!!!!!! This video is a metaphor for the uprising potential in our midst. Who are they and what do they stand for? I look at my children, definitely cut from a different fabric. As a baby boomer parent I realize….this is my legacy. Eh too??


This is so worth watching. We so easily can give in to the hopelessness of the world around us. We might even forget that we are creating our own realities by giving up and giving in to consensus reality and its definition of our future. Stick with this video long enough to see the hope. See past the hopelessness to what is really possible. We want to live. We want to grow. Together there is much more hope than we might imagine.

Your responsibility to life is your joy, your freedom…not your “cross to bear”

REJOICE with me.


The Large Hadron Collider may be causing fears for the future of the world, but it has become the bizarre setting for an unlikely music hit.

Written and performed by 23-year-old Kate McAlpine, who works in the Press office at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, the video features Kate and two background dancers bopping about in lab coats.”


These videos are a sample of an awesome workout for body / mind fitness. Jennifer Kries combines many of the philosophies I teach to my students and blends them in an awesome workout. If you’ve practiced with me doing yoga or learning meridians and touch for health, if you’ve practiced qi gong or tai chi these videos can’t help but inspire you. We are always looking for ways to wake up our bodies vital life force. The world requires so much of it on a daily basis that we have a great need to replenish and restore.


If you’ve done meridian exercises with me you will find this piece fascinating. I found the ancient exercises in a book that left publication. Several years ago I started talking about meridians and incorporating them into my yoga practice. I am thrilled to go on you tube and find it being discussed as casually as yoga. We are moving forward, which in my mind incorporates the wisdom of ancient teachings.


This next piece takes it a bit deeper into the qigong piece of Jennifer’s work. If all you did was this on a regular basis you could feel more instantly alive and energetic. Imagine starting your day with such a boost of energy. Sans caffiene!

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Jennifer Kries: Hot Body Cool Mind – Level 1

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Carl Saygon is always leading us to the edge and asking us to see with more than our physical eyes. This is a very interesting video on 4th dimension reality.


Below are some excerpts from an email conversation with a client healing cancer. Her question related to her healing process. She had read some of the Abraham material about healing through vibrational changes. As we work things are coming up for healing, as things do. When we are healing an illness or imbalance many factors are present. We approach the process from all levels, mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual.

Client: When you talk about shifting resonance I don’t know what that is and I sure don’t know how to do it. Is all this about meditation and “getting inside” to listen? Letting my body do what it is supposed to do to heal is another thing all together…I had a dream last night…..(leaving out the details for sake of privacy)

Charlotte:…the dream is showing you how to shift your resonance and to help you let go of old feelings that keep your vibration low. First bringing it into consciousness, therefore awareness, then letting go furthers the process. You can bring her in to meditation and restructure the event. Express the feelings that have remained pent up and THEN move in to feelings of love around the situation, recognizing the gifts you walked away with. This second part is really important, but doesn’t work alone. Feel your way through it first and then turn it into light.

The law of resonance, one of many spiritual laws (not laws because someone decided they should be, but because they are natural laws), this law states that everything is vibration / has a resonance of vibration and that when two things of different vibration come together the low has to become higher or the higher lower…or meet somewhere in the middle. Imagine a prism with all it’s different facets of colors. Each facet has its own resonance or vibration. We see it as a color. Cancer has a resonance / vibration and so does wellness. Just like red has a different vibration than purple or white.

Abraham (channeled by Ester Hicks) has a beautiful way of keeping you focused on high resonance through your feelings. It’s not just about being happy..although that is a wonderful resonance. It is about clearing out the negativity and choosing to feel better, or be well, or be prosperous, or feel love. You know I’ve said it often. It’s all about the love. Illness can be seen as low on the vibrational scale while LOVE is the highest resonance we know.


I know it’s been around for awhile, but in case you missed it or are just learning about it. IT is a beautiful and awakening knowledge of what happens when we lose the ability to use the left side of our brain, something lots of us would give up gladly, or so we think.

This scientist had an experience that can shed light on why it’s so important to give attention to harmonizing the use of the left and right sides of our brain.

Take the time to really listen to her experience.


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Lakota for all my relations.. Often a prayer used in sweat lodge and other ceremony honoring all those beings of the earth, two legged, four legged, tall standing ones, winged ones…it is a gentle reminder that we are all one.

I know that we live in a world that encourages our separateness but I take this moment here today and invite you to feel your connection to the rest of this world you live in. It is through our fundamental connection to each other, to the planet, to the tribes that dwell here that we can affect change.

Change is necessary for healing, for growth. Nothing short of reaching our hand out and touching the rest of the world with compassion, love, forgiveness and a sense of equality will allow that change to occur.

Let yourself take a moment and feel your connections to all of your relations.